The Wind

{By Kirti R Nambiar}

The clouds eclipsed the sun,

And the final struggling ray was swallowed up in fluff

The sky remained an adamant grey 

As the cold wind grew stronger with each passing minute

A lone bird cried out from afar 

But we don’t speak its tongue, they said.

The winds got stronger, and the branches shook, as if in terror 

As the tree across the lawn shed its final leaf

In submission to the angry gust

Some said they could feel the wind inside, 

Could see it ruffling neat stacks of sheets,

As it threw a book open to an unknown page

“Oh, but we closed the windows” they said.

If only the bird could do the same

Before the wind flooded its lungs 

And it must have hurt – oh so much, to breathe 

To stay alive.

But they said they didn’t understand 

That the cry was strange and foreign

That the bird wasn’t loud enough, 

Wasn’t strong enough

And they wondered why the little bird lay dead on a bare tree.

~Kirti R Nambiar( Instagram: @kirtisnerdynook )

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