Updated: May 17, 2020

If you ask me why I travel, I will simply blink at you. Because not everyone can understand the beats of my heart and I can't let everyone listen to the pumping of it.

If you ask me, what is it that I get by travelling and exploring new places, I can only smile at you. Because not everyone can sense how my nerves accept the flow of blood. Besides I can't let everyone feel my blood flow through the nerves.

To breath more. To live more. I can explain.

To conquer death. To defeat the fear of death. What else can be the best way than exploring new places and leave a part of the soul when leaving the terrain to kick the death away. Instead of wrapped by the bandages, its better to let the sand cover the body. It's better to fall and get injured. It's better to take a deep breath. It's better to faint. It's better to even puke.


May be the mountains weep along with me. May be the trees lend ears without expecting anything. May be unknown faces present smile without judging. May be the river sings for me to soothe. May be the wind blows to tell how beautiful I am. May be the rocks admire my attitude. May be I can be as I am.

I can fit my feet in shoes more than heels. I can use a single band to control my hair. I can wear a top and a lower without hesitating about anything. May be I don't need mirror to speak to myself. May be a sleeping bag is enough for a luxury sleep.

When the dark appears, the stars are visible on the sky. Without any hesitation, I can feel the grass under my back and sleep without a roof. When the sun rises, surprises the sun by waking earlier. Every breath I take makes me feel that I am on the Earth.

It's challenging. Legs pain. Hands numb. Head aches. Trembling. Shivering. Chattering. Wet shoes and socks. A jacket which may give up anytime. Many hardships. Worse situations. Tummy longs for proper food. Heart laments for rest. But mind asks to continue.

Because it knows and it can remember when the journey has started and why.

To escape from some norms which make suffocation. To run away from the lies of happiness. To avoid the artificial lifelines. To ignore the deep unending failures. To live in reality. To erase the dreams which are still dreams.

Everyone has a reason to travel. But not just for fun. The stories may hold them to be alive. Every road has riders. Every terrain has hikers. Every mountain has trekkers. Every rock has climbers. The stories vary. But it's all not for just fun and joy.

To share the hunting pain. To get vanished. To throw the tears. To earn strength to face the fences. The reasons differ. But every shoe has an invisible anger and pain. Every rucksack carries dark days.

From here it's for and about a girl who travels.... Alone ..holding her bag tightly while sleeping. Always keeping an eye unclosed to protect her.

When a girl travels... When she crosses the threshold... When she is alone with a big bag... When she doesn't let her hair flow... When she looks rough...

She is not just a girl... Behind the shoes she wears, there is an unbreakable independent soul which is seeking a place where she can find herself. When she walks on the mountains alone she feels, she too belongs to this world. When she smells the soil, she feels her part in this universe. When a fellow trekker holds her hand for support, she feels, she also is equally important. When she sweats she feels her worth. When she is tired she knows what she needs to do next. To love and to be loved not just to survive. She needs to travel and feels the land under her legs. For a change, instead of shedding tears behind closed doors, let the tears pour in a new terrain along with the river.

To all ... If you are a son or a husband or a friend or a boyfriend or an uncle or a cousin or someone to a girl. Just ask your girl, "shall we go out for a trek or hike?", then you will understand what it means to her.

If you are the one who has done already, then you deserve a salute.

#Writer_Touch. One among them. And a girl with shoes. ❤

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