Value of Absence !

Updated: May 10, 2020

Flaws are part of life. Even if it is fatal, words can heal it's wounds and scars. The biggest blissfulness lies in the most tiny things in life which is often ignored by everyone. The value of the moon can be understood during the scorch sun trail. We expect the sun beams when blisters pop out due to heavy snow fall.
Life is mysterious? Not at all. We pretend to see it in that way as we always try to make things complicated. Because its a curse to the human race that we can't admire simple things and we don't want to believe easy things are meant to be easy.
Eventually we forget to realize the value of what we have in us and with us. Looking for the treasure in the universe is a waste of everything when one fails to notice the ecstacy which lies near the threshold. Every day we smile at strangers to get a seat in metro, to get good image from the manager, to impress teachers, to develop a healthy atmosphere in the bus stop, but we forget to smile at the one who stands silently with us for years and loves us without any expectations except our fortune. Everyday we cross them without noticing, may be we are unintentionally doing so. But we are doing.
It's just a word for us. But that word is the world for that one whose day revolves around our deeds whereas we are hardly aware of it. Not everyone is blessed with someone. Because when our first priority is someone whose priority might be something else. The presence of that person seems nothing but his or her absence costs much. It won't take anything from our life. But it will remain with us to tell what we lost.

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