Warriors too Weep! 

Stone heart with supreme stable mind

Iron physique with adaptability

Silent mouth with sound hand

Comfortable life style with combat routine

Description of a man in uniform.

But who knows the story behind the screen?

Who knows the pain beyond healing?

Who knows the sacrifice behind the honour?

Who knows the coffin beyond the possession?

Who knows the love behind the rudeness?

To leave the fingers, to hold the rifle

To kiss the sweetheart, to kill the enemy

To say bye, to press the trigger

In-between two love

He struggles somewhere

To move closer he needs to give up on one!

Home away from home!

Better and best!!

His two options make no choice

Life in battle field seems to be easier

Than crossing threshold!

Unexpressed eyes of her break his border

He leaves the one who loves him

To be with the one whom he loves!

She stands to send him off

He holds her tight to move away

Walks out to meet his LOVE

She waits to receive him back!

Warriors too Weep!!


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