Wet Wonder 

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Sky pours with pleasure

Black-road pits get filled

Drizzling washes my hair

Dark clouds beget heavy rain

Obscure atmosphere!

My branded attire gets its own changes

Computer screen has my emotion

My home fridge has my appetite

YouTube has my entertainment

I live in somewhere where

I am a number more than a member

Life moves with security checking

Winds up with credit card bill

Every droplet evokes me!

School day memory projects

I try to remember her name

My first crush!!

I feel pity for me

Where I am today from where!!

Digits salary gives me luxury lifestyle

I buy sophisticated bed by selling my sleep!

The tie around my neck doesn't allow me to accept

My iphone doesn't free me

I have everything which has nothing

I am standing under the sky!!

Suddenly a duppatta brings backs my senses

She smiles at me

I can't pronounce her name

She comes with my past

To show me present!

Her eyes say stories!!

Love at first sight! But she is not my first sight!

A decade soundless process bursts out!

Without my knowledge I love her everyday!

Her presence slaps me

The wet wonder rejuvenate my life cycle!

A girl is not just a girl! I tell myself!

Dedicated to all men who consider and see women as something more than beautiful and cute.

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