What Does It Take To Write A Good Story?

Updated: May 30, 2019

As a writer I have always wondered what does it take to give my readers the best story that they have ever read. Is it the story, the emotional appeal, the detailing in the story, or what is it that makes certain stories stand above the rest of the cut? As I was thinking about this, Swiffy, my cat was walking across the table. It looked at me as if I was threatening it. Its mouth wide open like an alien screaming in a sound frequency that the human ear is unable to perceive. I rubbed its back softly, I could feel its bones while it kept walking and it jumped down the table and ran away. I could feel the sun rays heating my face, making me feel uncomfortable to sit there. I have to change the orientation of the table, may be move it right across the room over to the corner near the door. Everybody is made to consider themselves as the hero of their own story, a hero that never stands out in the crowd, a hero who waits to move with time, a hero who moves with the flow, who doesn't know how to lead, who is not capable of controlling the things around himself, if I have to put this into simple words, then the hero who people think themselves to be is someone who is worthless, who hides himself in the realm of imagination having to do nothing but exist in people's imagination and be a reason for their loss, and failure helping them to bail out from each and every situation that they get themselves into.

I took a scoop of my ice cream and slid it into my mouth, unaware of the taste of it, my mind wandered back into the correlation of people's life and a good story. Everyone's life has a hero just like all the stories, but not all of them stand out. What do they lack? My ice cream has melted away already. I had to throw it away. Leading a lonely life is not always sad as people think. Its actually the only way to consider you as the hero of your story because your life consists of pretty much only one person in all the events and that's you. When the hero of your story is aptly chosen, then the story would definitely be a big time hit. 

I am an all alone person. either I don't like to be in a group or I am not welcomed into one. It's mostly the latter that keeps me alone. It feels like a joke when people say that taking some alone time with oneself can help in introspection and mindfulness, I say that its total crap. You will never be you when you are alone. Its only when you compare yourself with people around you, you start introspecting about you and your life's failures. You hallucinate without drugs when you are alone. You feel so lonely that you would start imagining people around you and start making conversations with them and then you become so comfortable with them that when you actually talk to the person, you will be so into them, but they will never understand. You just become irritable to them. Nobody understands you. You become the unsung hero of your entire existence. It is always hidden underneath your face, and no matter how much you try, it will never surface above and no matter how much you scream for help, nobody can hear it because its frequency is out of their perceivable limit. Nobody is to blamed here.

Another worst part of being alone is that you never know what is happening with you because there is no one to tell you, no friend to comment on you, no teacher to punish you, no parents to loathe on your mistakes and your failures. Being alone is an addiction, you can overdose and die. Or you can just see the good in it- hey you don't have to see more of those irritating people, you don't have to listen to their 'valuable' feedback. You can be the king of your own story. You can be the God of your own world. You can do endless things, things only you can approve of, things only you can tolerate, things only the villain in you can appreciate. 

The void inside you keeps on growing until it consumes the whole of you. You keep disappointing people. You fail to deliver because you don't have anybody in your world except you. You slowly become the villain of your own story. So there is nobody in your story to be called as a villain other than you. There is no hindrances for both the hero and villain of your story to do what they want except for the thin line of boundary that separates them- you. You will become the perfect example of how a human should not be. When you die, you will become a great story of the failure itself. You will become the epitome of a grand failure of life and I bet you that your story will stand out just like mine.

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