Time introduces people to learn how long one can stick with us and how long we can be sweet to be munched. Sometimes that one plays a role which confuses us to decide who he is in our life. 'Friendship' is a good term to hide the questions. Philosophies apart….writing for him is not as easy as I thought that I need to restrict myself not to go beyond the border.

The surface of water reflects the image so many times we do not want to see what is in the deep where the beauty lies. We are satisfied with the smile but never try to look behind the untold story of that smile. Friendship makes things cooler. Responsibility defeats everything easily. It never hesitates to break the hearts into pieces too. Upside down is a common ideology of the world. What seems to be interesting becomes boring when you have some heavy duty to finish. Change changes him. Career calms him down. He turns his life as his own world to live as he wishes. A good friend with nice words. Promises are meant to be broken without expiring dates. He disperses all the fences, what he is considered hindrance to hold the glory, to wear uniform. His ambition is higher but he doesn’t want to climb by ladder so he struggles to get the wings. A son with terrible love towards his parents and his motherland. Not like a road side Romeo, he has cute stories to tell but just crushes nothing else. In this journey, to bring the best out of him, love is a kind of joke in his life. He cherishes the joke just for a while because aspiration equips him as a warrior when love has kept him as a survivor. His soft skin tolerates the hard part of life. He has his own reasons to free himself from attachments, justification is not justified many times but there is no need of explanation when our important one can smile without us. Olive green suits him well than any other attire. May be more than groom-cloth. Jokes apart he is a damn hell smart guy who protects his self-ego by paying much through sweat. If a situation would arise to bleed for his ego, without reluctant he will cut his veins for holding his head high. He too has flaws which are age factors but he has ethics, which are written by himself, in life to follow. Transformation takes him away from some relationship but he is in a place now what he deserves. Sometimes we need to move away from someone to afford something better. Maroon Beret is an additional pride on his head which has tons of confidence and egoism. He has his own path to walk where he will decide who can walk with him. Nothing is permanent, a lesson he tries to teach to the universe, the boy of this article. I hope one day he will find someone who can show him the subtle happiness of life which he has been missing. I don’t know the secret of his heart but I know how his mind thinks. Not always attachments separate one from his desire. Sometimes it gives halt to get boosted up. My days with him are much to learn the truth about him, for him one thing is very important that is 'himself' nothing else. He has the courage to press the trigger but in life he has taken plentiful time to kill his crush or infatuation, only he knows how he had thought about it. But an undeniable truth is that he is a good soul whose words can bring a smile often if you happen to meet him. Its better to be a good son rather than being an unnamed person to someone. Life has many things to give to him as he sacrifices enough for his ambition. I have no words to say if you want to love him but I have book full of words if you want to have him as your buddy. He can make you feel the heaven even if you walk with him through hell as a best buddy.

I feel I have crossed the border!! With respect and care

A best friend to someone...

Who he is!

Where he is!

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