Whom I Call Brother

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A very simple relationship that has the biggest meaning. A beautiful bond that has blissful criticisms, fights, and strictness.

Sometimes we share wombs with each other. Other times we share sweat and blood. Few moments we share fate and destiny.

If a girl looks at a man with respectful eyes, she has the best father in her life. If a girl looks at a man with genuine eyes, she has a great husband in her life. If she looks at a man with COURAGEOUS eyes, she has a big brother who knocks you down no matter where he is. Sounding silly. Maybe. But the exaggeration explains this relationship well than any other form.

Brother is not just a brother. He knows when to play the role of a friend when to behave as a father and when it is the need of being a guide.

Not all the brother and sister relationships are begotten from the womb. Some are born from the hard journey or colorful moments or difficult times or darkest places. And not all the brothers are protective. Some make their sisters independent to handle their life alone but stand as an armor to make sure nothing pushes them back when they try to get up. Only in this relationship pampering has the cover of hard words.

Every brother has his own way to show care and love. Every sister has an unique story about her brother. There are zillions and zillions of epics can be written. The subtle emotional trauma and the deepest love are carved out from brother and sister bondage.

Every man is a brother to someone. And they deserve to be praised and promised.

A big thanks to all the men who smile at a girl to give hope who walks alone in the street after the clock strikes ten in the night or become her savior and watch silently to make her bounce back after the fall, or teach her to be proud of being a girl, or compliment her for breaking her comfort zone or supporting her to do random adventure or letting her weep her heart out when she needs shoulders, keep the child alive in her always or witness her success and failures or fight with her equally or give her a safe feeling when she travels, or leaves her alone to shape her braveness or from even far away, being with her to be safe and healthy or stand in between her and the person who tries to hurt her or doing the above all. Each one of you deserves respect, care, and love.

Thank you for being in this world as brothers to ensure SHE is SHE. Whom I call brother the one who understands the weakest of mine to let me know my strengths. The one who is proud of my wounds and scars. The one who makes me fight. The one who fights with me when I do wrong. The one who can't be replaced by anyone.

Not the Rakhi but the hope of love and care connect...❤

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