Whose Lady I Am? 

Updated: Mar 8

When you expect him to come for shopping

I am in Military Hospital alone

When you expect him to pamper you

I want alteast two minutes call with him

When you fight with him for forgetting dates

I wish that I will meet him soon

When you travel together

I pack my luggage to visit my mom

When you hold his hand and walk

I look at his picture and smile

When you are angry for not coming home early

I pray that he should come home one day

When you show face for not picking call

I am happy that his phone is not switched off

When you live with him

I wait for him to live

When you have one with you

I have his love with me

I fell down... He called me... No need for network when the hearts have connection.

I wept... Not my weakness.. but I remember the word of him " I take care of my nation...don't worry my nation will take care of you even if I am not there"

I don't have crown on my head though

I stand like a queen

After all when you have quarrels for simple things

I say bye to him for duty!!

Bcoz Whose Lady I Am?

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Dedicated to all the ladies who walk with boots.

Specially for Ms Ragi Rashmi Ekka, the girl who stood stronger yesterday (23/09/19) when she met with an accident. She smiled in pain when she missed him. Salute to her man in uniform too! Who takes care even he is far away!


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