{By Adyasha}

As the day dawned serene and stunning, pulsed with the chirping of the birds, Ajay helped Sonam to the balcony of their flat on the 20th floor. Placing his blue-veined hand on Sonam's baby bump and caressing it gently, Ajay maffled, "Hey sweetie! It's a matter of a month and Papa can't explain how elated he is to carry you in his arms." As he conversed with his child inside Sonam's womb, his face glowed and his eyes said exhilaration.

As Sonam's soft brown eyes moistened with tears of joy, she said, "Ajay, mein coffee lekar aati hun."

Putting her right palm on her baby bump and the left one on her waist, Sonam sauntered to the kitchen and stirred two mugs of coffee for her and Ajay.

As she moseyed to the balcony and her fingers clenched to the handle of the mugs, she felt blacked-out. Before she could utter Ajay's name, the mugs slipped from her fingers and she fell down, dashing against the ground. Struggling to reach out to Ajay, Sonam shut her eyes in a rack.

"Sonam", he shrieked and giving a call to her gynaecologist, Ajay rushed Sonam to her. Stepping out of the labour room, the doctor said, "Ajay, I'm sorry. We couldn't save Sonam but your daughter is out of danger now.

As his daughter slept peacefully in the cradle, Ajay took her in his arms and holding her closer to him, he cried his eyes out saying, "Sonam, how could you?"

Clad in white, Ajay completed her last rites accompanied by the family members of Sonam's and his. That evening when Ajay returned to the paediatric ward, he found his daughter crying inconsolably.

Walking around the ward with the baby girl in her arms, Ajay's mother said, "Ajay beta, ek ghante se ro rahi hai." Carrying her in his arms, Ajay sang her "Tu hi Mere Naino ka Tara" but in vain. As she didn't stop crying, Ajay exclaimed, "Sister, she is crying inconsolably for an hour now."

Taking her from Ajay's arms, the nurse walked her to room no. 207 where a middle-aged woman laid there clothed in an indigo-dyed hospital gown. As the woman pressed her closer to her heart, listening to her heartbeat, she became quiet.

Looking into her eyes with her large, round ones while exchanging an engaging grin, she slowly caught hold of the woman's forefinger with the help of her soft and supple palm.

Taking a glimpse at his daughter's gesture, Ajay asked, "Sister, is she the person to whom Sonam's heart was donated?"

"Yes, sir", the sister replied.

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