Wordless Yet Wish To Be Heard

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Desire... Aim... Goal... Destination... Aspiration. Life is filled with dreams, which is worse than reality as it feeds expectations. The most terrible feeling in life is being wordless when you really wish to explain how much he/she means to you. Loosing something can be described as fate to escape from the guilt. But letting her/him go needs more than courage. In life, everyone faces the situation to leave intentionally, it might be a wish or a person. Through the eyes of others, it seems to be an art of cowardice. But only the person knows how much it takes to leave it or letting it go far.

Silently we dream to have our wishes but the reality has a different story. When the whole word thinks you don't want it by experiencing your decision. Only you know how badly you are longing for it. Stories differ. Scars differ. Even situations differ. But the pain is the same, which gives pleasure as it's after all our descision to let go.

Life long our heart carries that memory to cherish the painful pleasure. Bitter truth of reality. Even we use the word forget to convince the world but the undeniable fact is that it is somewhere deep and down dwelling along with us. Failing is a small word comparing it with that pain of silently praying or wishing for it. Everytime it reminds that we don't deserve it. Humanity has colourful vocabularies to cheat the surrounding but still it hasn't found a word to compromise with it's soul which knows how we feel.

Having her/him so near but feeling so far. We try to bury the desire by saying we don't deserve it, yet we know we could afford it. When the lips smile, every cell of the body urges to weep loudly. In the maze of trying to move away from it... fortunately with misfortune we land infront of it.

So battle for what you wish for. If you feel you don't deserve it. It's fine. If you feel you can't afford it. It's fine. But don't let it go. If you face the situation of loosing it don't sacrifice... Because the word sacrifice is a mirage. It's better to sacrifice everything to hold on to what you want.

Failure... Better to have it rather than to sacrifice for no cause.

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