You left in peace. You left me in pieces

Retracing our steps 

I still don't understand

Why did you leave me?

Was I not good enough for you

Were you scared to see my real side 

Should I have done things differently

Should I have cared for you less 

Should I have loved you more 

Or maybe

I should have understood 

That you'll be exactly the same person

I told you I'm scared of

Your hollow apologies

Can't fix the deeply engraved scars on my soul

But that's not what hurts me

I'm amused by how much damage

This so-called love can cause

I don't even know if you ever did love me or not

But you abandoning me

Surely made me hate myself

I started peeling my layers 

Trying to understand

Exactly where am I flawed 

In such a way 

That the person I loved

Woke up one day 

And said "I'm afraid to say 


I just can't stay"

I clenched my heart yet again

Having flashbacks of our memories

Feeling my body shiver with pain

I gave you my best

And yet you left 

Without even bothering to answer me

Without the courage to face me 

I thought I deserved an explanation

But you said it like a mature man 

This is how people do it

Walking away


Distancing themselves


For the betterment of each other


I mock at this irony

Staring at the broken coffee mug you gave me

Wishing you could see beyond

How you left in peace,


How you left me in pieces.

~ Somya (Instagram: @the_unspoken_journal_ )

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