Your Moon

I will be your moon,

Forever by your side.

Gently touching the sea of your soul,

Turning stillness to tide.

You may not notice me in the happy hours, When the sun's shining bright up high.

But I am always out there hidden,

Radiating my small share of love to your sky.

And when it gets lonely down there,

The sun moves out of sight.

I'll call in the stars to sing,

Mirroring serene light.


This love,this bond,this force.

Loving you the same love,

Through all my phases during time's course.

You can see my flaws,these spots on me, I won't hide them from you.

The light may seem dull at times,

But I'll always be true.

The universe is endless,

Till infinity it soars.

But where would I go?Away from you?

Every inch of me is yours.

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